Samuel Christopher Glass, Jr., was born in Washington, DC in 1960 and lived 63 years. He passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2024.

Death: The Final Taboo

Shortly before his death, Sam Glass suggested this as a podcast episode for the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series from Las Vegas, Nevada. He provided the episode title and original music. Explicit podcast released June 22, 2024. Listen here:

Transcript of “Death: The Final Taboo” (pdf)

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This man was known as an actor and writer. This memorial website is reachable at Sam (dot) Glass and also at Black Bear Voice (dot) com.

He was also known by his professional name Christopher Chase and his pen name Don Normann.

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happy birthday day promo

Author of “Happy Birthday, Dad”

an original play with one character first published in 1998.


Voice Actor Demo (2 minutes, 30 seconds):

Listen to a Kinky Satire in a Podcast Episode (2023) in which Sam appeared as a voice actor:
* * Learn more about the Gazz Queen at her website

Listen to Sam’s voice as the narrator of a nonfiction podcast episode (2023) named “Fear Not the Reaper”:
Listen to three Taboo Fiction Podcast Episodes Sam wrote (under his pen name, Don Normann) in the horror theme (2023):

This Sam Glass memorial website features editorial guidance and management by his husband, Woody Goulart. Copyright © 2024. All Rights Reserved.



  1. I will always love and treasure my memories with Sam. In 2007 when I was new to the local horror scene, my mom and I went to Texas Frightmare and met him. He was so warm and welcoming with that big boisterous voice and wonderful bear hugs and he loved to just sit and talk. His knowledge was boundless and he was so funny. We became instant friends and after that, even though I only saw him at conventions or film festivals primarily, he was always a welcome presence on my social media pages or in my private messages. When he worked at the Goretorium I flew to Las Vegas and he was sitting in the dining room full of fake bugs and he had so much fun growling and drooling at me and my friend a little more than anyone else. He would send random little gifts to my daughter, always gift-wrapped and with a sweet note, just to cheer her up or make her smile, even though he’d never met her. Knowing him, and meeting Woody through him, was just such a pleasure and an honor and I’m so happy that I was able to call Sam a friend for as long as I did. I’m so glad that I moved to Vegas and was able to spend some time with him before he passed; I’m only sorry that time was cut so short, as I’m sure we would’ve had years of memories and friendly trivia competitiveness ahead of us.

  2. The world has lost a beautiful soul. We will forever feel that void. Love you and miss you Sammy Sam. 💔

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